Lake Simcoe

Perch Fishing

Lake Simcoe is very popular for it’s “Jumbo Perch” Amongst many other species you will see the Lake attracts many people for its Lake Trout, White Fish, Northern Pike, Perch, small and large mouth bass and more.

The Right Gear

Making sure you have the right gear for fishing Lake Simcoe is so important. For all the gear you need, keep visit Back Lake Fishing and we will bring you reviews of the best gear on the market.

Fish On

Having the right lure and tackle to catch the fish is of most importance. Ensure you’re giving the fish what they want, visit daily for reviews here on Back lake Fishing for the most popular tackle.


Knowing where to fish is most important when looking for a specific species. Back Lake Fishing will bring you the hottest places to fish for all species in Lake Simcoe.

Great Place to Fish

Lake Simcoe is the best place to fish. When the ice freezes over it’s by far my favorite place to be. In early February the ice is so thin you can actually see the fish come up if you clean off the ice. Take out a portable, clear the ice, close the windows and enjoy the most amazing ice fish experience known to us.

All The Right Things

The Perch are an easy and fun catch. It’s a great time for the entire family or anyone looking for a good fish fry. Perch are a fun fight and to my surprise can be very large in size.

Let’s Go Fishing

Get your fish on by visiting Lake Simcoe this year. Come and test the waters and get your lines wet. Barris is a great city and has a lot of accommodations for anyone looking or needing a place to stay during their fishing trip.

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